Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Angry bird

Hello, folks.

Aaahh l'amour!

When you are young and you have a girlfriend, you want to show her that you are strong and you will save her from any kind of danger. Well, animals do the same. This young swan wanted to protect his girl from me (I was just taking some picture of other birds on the lake). 

He walked on my direction very slowly. I heard him approaching, so I decided to get away while taking its picture.

He stopped and looked at my eyes: “if you get closer to my girl again, I'll kill you”. 

Well, I moved away and I continued to take other pictures. But I was still on its territory. And suddenly....

Fortunately nothing happened, but when I saw its beak near my camera, it was like participating of  Steven Spielberg's Jaw film. A super adventure.

See you soon.

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